Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Behind the Yarn

What makes a person love something?  Is it the reaction they get from others after something is made?  Or is it the personal sense of achievement one receives after completion?  I love knitting for both of these reasons.  I also love the process of choosing yarn, a pattern, and getting to experience a piece unfold before my eyes.  What started out as a ball of yarn becomes a wonderful piece!  Whether to wear, to give, to sell, or to donate, the satisfaction of this simple act makes me want to continue knitting every day.  Knitting is not hard, no, and most people could learn to do it, but not everyone loves it.  I wanted to start my business as a way to share the joy of knitting with others who may not have the time or desire to make handmade knits themselves.  Maybe my knits will even inspire you to learn to knit!

Throughout my journey from casual crafter to business woman, I will be sharing my thoughts and ups and downs with you here.  I will also share with you patterns, yarn, techniques, and other tidbits to help you understand knitting and maybe someday try it yourself!

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