Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A few recent creations

For some reason I've been knitting a lot of pink lately! Maybe, like my friend Melanie, it's because I have two boys and my house is full of blue and green. (And no, there is no baby girl on the way :)

Here are some recent creations! I have been practicing hats because I need to work on my decreasing.

Baby hat made for my friend who had a baby girl (after having two boys!):

Women's Beanie Hat, now listed on my etsy site (

Another pink baby hat! I had some leftover yarn from the first baby hat above:

I also need to practice my pom-poms and sewing skills. This was good practice.

Funny, I don't wear much pink!


Clare said...

The knitting is just beautiful! I love all the hats, but especially the last. You have a beautiful blog here, Margo. :)

Margo said...

Thank you Clare! I appreciate you stopping by!

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