Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday's Blogging Tips

Hi Readers,

Thanks for stopping by today! I'd like to start a new feature on Tuesdays about blogging tips! A lot of you have your own blogs so let's work together at improving them!

And now for today's tips!

1) Sign up for Blog Frog. ( This gives me an easy way to see who is visiting my site, and an easy way for you to let me know that you visited! Also, we can interact in a community and make our blogs about more than just reading. You can install two types of widgets, a community widget and a visitor widget. This is also a good way to get your name out there - when you visit other blogs, it shows up on the widget and everyone can see you.

2) Join other blogging communities. Check out The SITS Girls and The Lady Bloggers Society. (Both have tips to try on your blog!) Google other blog networking sites in your business area. I'm a member of Ravelry for crocheters and knitters. It's a great place for support (and new ideas!)

3)Visit other blogs in your area of expertise, and network with those bloggers.

4)Also, network with bloggers who have a common interest, but do not have the exact same kind of business as you do - for example, I try to network with fellow crafters, but not necessarily knitters.

5)Be friendly and speak up! The more you comment on other's blogs, the more traffic you get. Even if they are just stopping by to say thank you for your comment, you still get the traffic. The more people that stop by, the more your name gets out there!

What are your blogging tips?

Let's help each other out!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm really impressed! These are really well researched tips.

Great job!


Designed For Babies said...

Thanks for the tips!!!! You have beautiful products!

Betsy ( said...

First of all, wow! What beautiful hand knit items!

My blogging tip: have several posts written and ready to go.

Also I really like sitemeter which might be like blog frog.

I'm here form SITs!

Kelly's Lucky You said...

Thanks for the tips!
I'm stopping by from Friday Follow, I hope you'll follow me back (and if you already are - thank you!)

Nice to meet you!


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