Monday, April 19, 2010

Free Crochet Patterns E-book

Up next on my craft learning list is crochet! I'm working hard to finish up a bunch of works in progress so I can learn to crochet!

Here is a link for a free e-book on crochet. Check it out!

Free Crochet Patterns E-book

Do you crochet? I'd love to see some of your favorite patterns! Leave a comment with a link and I'll list them all soon!

Have a great week!


Debbie's L'Bri said...

NO I don't like to crochet. I could never figure it out. I do like to knit.. I have started knitting this year after not knitting in along time.

Jen said...

I'm off to check out your clearance section! Oh how I love great deals :-)

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