Thursday, April 15, 2010

We are the Truth - an adoption blogger day!

I haven't shared a lot about my personal life on this blog, because my husband and I have decided to keep our personal lives as private as possible on the internet. But this is an important day and topic for me - adoption. My husband and I adopted our sweet twin boys, 19 months old now, at birth, and we love them beyond doubt. God blessed us with them in ways we never thought possible. So I wanted to share this important day and story with you, my readers.

Many of you know that a young boy named Artyem was tragically abandoned by his adoptive mother and sent on an airplane to Russia. I can't even imagine the impact this cruel act has had on this sweet child's life. I pray that as I write this, he is recovering and will soon be placed into a loving home.

In light of this tragedy, Dillon International has sent an email regarding the We Are the Truth Petition. They are working with the Joint Council on International Children's Services to bring awareness to international adoption and to let President Medvedev and President Obama know how we, adoptive parents, and others touched by adoption, feel about the suspension of adoptions of Russian children by U.S. families. My sister and her husband have adopted one child from S. Korea with another one on the way. It doesn't matter whether a child has been adopted from another country or from the U.S., all children should be treated with dignity, respect, and love.

Help is available for those struggling with parenting issues. Join with me and the thousands of other adoptive parents so our voices can be heard!

Sign the Petition!

Visit the Joint Council website.



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